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Awareness Programs

This is the beginning of a great success story.

I would request you to take time to read this for a couple of minutes, please.

This is a clay Vinayaka that was brought to life by converting kitchen waste to compost. Now that your interest is piqued allow me to get into the details.

I feel proud of myself of doing an excellent job in taking care of my environment this way and being able to pass on such a beautiful construct to the future generation. I started this in my house and also started talking to people about it. I hope we will succeed with your support and those interested to take this forward can contact me in person or ping me on Facebook.

JAGRUTHI conducted an awareness meeting at Jagruthi Offices, Sabbavaram, on ‘kambha kunda’ process with the society members. A hundred and fifty leaders attended the event and took an oath reduce using plastic and eventually stop using it altogether

Trust in customers, in staff and in financial service providers form the basis for sustainable operations in any organisation. The environs of trust are built through discipline, transparency, assuring the quality of services and a commitment to forming long-term relationships.

JAGRUTHI is an NGO promoted society. It is our aim to promote social inclusion and democratic governance so that the vulnerable sections of society are empowered to effectively and decisively participate in the mainstream development and decision-making processes.

JAGRUTHI is an issue based, strategic educational support organization working in Visakhapatnam District with people’s collectives, NGOs, elected representatives in local governance and with the government. Collaborative research, public education, advocacy, direct field level mobilisation and implementation with multiple stakeholders are the key instruments of our work. The interventions span from the grassroots level to the policy level environment in ensuring the basic rights of citizens. In this, inspiration is drawn from the struggles of the vulnerable and strength, from our partners.

 JAGRUTHI organized a mega campaign to ensure free and fair elections to Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in partnership with the State Election Commissions and the Visakhapatnam District CEO and federation of NGOs VISWA SAMAKHYA (Visakha Zilla Swachanda Seva Samastala Samakhya)


The Members of JAGRUTHI are mainly women with family businesses. They are in regular need of finances to run or expand their businesses.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.