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The main objective of JAGRUTHI is to provide financial, technical and professional support services to the members who are working in rural areas. In the development of strategies for promoting social mobilization and inclusion, community institution building at village level, capacity building, financial literacy and inclusion including Mutual help, credit linkage and insurance, livelihood promotion convergence with other programmes and departments or technical skilled people such as model entrepreneurs.

To address the livelihoods challenges of marginalized people in rural areas, manifold interventions at different levels – policy, programs, community and community institutions etc. is required. In this regard to reduce vulnerability of marginalized sections, JAGRUTHI is promoting livelihood improvement, food and nutrition security through Sustainable Integrated Farming System-SIFS, Nutrition Sensitive Farming Systems, Horticulture Development, Watershed Management, Community Lift Irrigation System, Micro Finance and policy advocacy for realization of people’s right to livelihood with more than 2,000 farming families in Visakhapatnam District.

The organization always brings innovative techniques and apt scientific technologies with the right knowledge to improve the agriculture productivity. Also, in order to conserve natural resources, sustain traditional practices of tribals, and to provide sustainable means of livelihood to the community; JAGRUTHI conducts analysis and planning of the local resources of the community for optimal perusal.

The Members of JMACTS are mainly women with family businesses. They are in regular need of finances to run or expand their businesses.

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