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Farmers Producer Organization

Farmers Producer Organisations

The Farmers Producer Organization aims at driving at making livelihoodssustainable and help the poor to improve their living standards. The goal isalso to make them understand the importance of natural resources and use themaccordingly.

Salient features of the Farmers Producer Organisations

  • To promote economically viable, democratic and self-governing JAGRUTHI Farmer producer organization.
  • To get rid of hurdles in enabling farmers to access the markets through their FPO both as buyers and sellers.
  • To create an enabling policy environment for investment in FPO to leverage collective production and marketing power.
  • Reduce the production cost of vegetables in a cluster
  • Promote the use of modern agricultural practices and agri-infrastructure services such as shade nets and sprinklers.
  • Promote direct market linkage for agri-input and service procurement as well as output marketing
  • Primary value addition at the farm level and setting-up processing facilities
  • Promotion of organic farming and the use of organic inputs in the production processes
  • Encourage the use of crop planning and technical advisory services to its members for developing better economic realisation
  • To provide security and economic sustainability through imparting skills on value addition of vegetable cultivation and other agricultural produces
  • To provide competitive prices for their produce thereby enabling them to come out from the clutches of middlemen, traders and vendors
  • To build capacities on market policies and strategies thereby eliminating the middlemen and private traders who indulge in unfair trade practices. Also, to control and hold the price fixation mechanism depending on market fluctuations
  • To undertake processing, grading, procuring and packaging for increasing value addition of the produce
  • The vegetable growers will be the decision makers in the whole process includes price fixation, marketing and export
  • To promote entrepreneurship
  • To preserve the stock and prevent it from rotting 

Sustainable livelihoods through vegetable cultivation by promoting and supporting member – owned producer organization that enable Sabbavaram Farmer to enhance productivity through efficient, cost effective and sustainable resources use and realize higher returns for their produce through collective action.

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