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Microfinance society

JAGRUTHI aims to promote self-sufficiency and economic development among people who cannot access the traditional microfinance options. By extending small loans without the strict requirements of traditional lenders, Jagruthi is able to perform this feat of self-reliance. The poor who are "unbanked", are the recipients in general. They include people with poor credit rating also. 

Microfinance society of JAGRUTHI measures results in the form of realization of self-potential, increase in savings, gainful occupation, increase in family income, an increase in standard of living. On the whole, JAGRUTHI is a community-based financial institution, making a significant contribution to advancing the microfinance sector. Microfinance is a powerful tool, in its role as a catalyst for rural development

The Members of JMACTS are mainly women with family businesses. They are in regular need of finances to run or expand their businesses.

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