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About Jagruthi

Judicious Architecture Guidance for Rural and Urban Transformation of Human flourishing Institution
All such self-initiated non-profit charitable social service activities which are performed for improving the situation of the deprived section of the society by a group or organization of citizens in the country can be called, Voluntary Action, Voluntary service, Voluntary work, Voluntary agency, and Voluntary organizations.

JAGRUTHI is the result of an extensive community development work in the area of savings and credit programmes over two decades. Jagruthi registered under A.P Govt.1995 co-operative act in the year 1995 with the regd. no AMC/VSP/95/1.The objective was to integrate small thrift and credit activity into a cooperative society.

JAGRUTHI was one of the first generation initiatives in self help movement of Andhra Pradesh to form village level thrift and credit groups for women. The objective then expanded to include urban women and to provide full range of financial services.

An eligible person, as defined in the bylaws, is subject to domicile, minimum patronageand such requirements of AP MACS Act, 1995; committed to use the services ofJAGRUTHI and abide by the membership obligations voluntarily becomes a member.

Towards developing and fostering mutual cooperation, understanding and common action among various individuals, groups and organizations engaged in voluntary work and to establish co-operation and linkages with other network, forums and association.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.