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Women Empowerment is an initiative close to the heart of Jagruthi. The focus is on increasing and improving the socio-economic and socio-political role women can play in today's society. This focus ensures equal rights to women and makes sure they are confident enough to claim them. 

Women have the right to have their voices heard. JAGRUTHI is combating against poverty to promote economic empowerment of women by way of entrepreneurship. By the virtue of this, women can live their lives with a sense of self-worth, with respect, and with dignity. Also, women empowered can: 

Have complete control of their lives, within and outside of their homes and workplaces

Make their own choices and decisions

Have equal rights to participate in social, religious, and economic pursuits

Have equal social status in the society

Have equal rights for social and economic justice

Determine financial and economic choices

Get equal opportunity for education

Get equal employment opportunity without gender bias

Gork safely, securely, and comfortably

The special importance that the process of women empowerment entails can be measured when the focus is shown to support the livelihoods of women looking to develop socially and economically. In a male-dominated society, empowering women can solve several problems such as meeting the needs of the family, social advancement, and to bridge the gap between various dimensions of socio-cultural differences.

It has widely been admitted that improving the status of women in the male dominated society may solve several problems, such as meeting the basic needs of family, overall social advancement and adding quality resources that may bridge the gap between dimensions of socio-cultural existence. In a progressive social construction, women empowerment has been provided with special importance as the subtle methods of gender discrimination are existing within the layers of social existence. JAGRUTHI empowering the women to combat against the vulnerability.

In a progressive social construct, women empowerment proves its importance by crossing over those subtle methods of gender discrimination existent within almost all the strata of today's society.

JAGRUTHI consciously is working towards combating against such vulnerabilities.

The Members of JAGRUTHI are mainly women with family businesses. They are in regular need of finances to run or expand their businesses.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.