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The vision of JAGRUTHI is to ensure a well equipped women & child community as educationally aware, economically empower, politically participative and access to all health, human rights and socially equal a just fair society without any caste, creed and religious discriminations.”

All such self-initiated non-profit charitable social service activities which are performed for improving the situation of the deprived section of the society by a group or organization of citizens in the country can be called, Voluntary Action, Voluntary service, Voluntary work, Voluntary agency, and Voluntary organizations.

To identify the energies of local, natural resources of rural, urban area and involve the people to educate them on the issue of knowledge, health, awareness, farming,activities, artisans, skill development training programmes short stay homes etc,. and elevating collectively for their sustainability without profit motive.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.