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Natural Resource Management

JAGRUTHI is working with the people in the agriculture sector, who are from a rural background. Most of the farmers are vegetable growers. These farmers owing to various reasons have moved away from the traditional system of farming. One of the main reasons for this shift is the cultivation cost. We at Jagruthi encourage the promotion of the traditional system of farming by conducting meetings, training programmes, and awareness sessions. We have learnt that farmers are keen on dairy products for their livelihood, which reduces input costs.

Some of the other reasons for farmers to move away from farming is the degradation of soil fertility. This is leading to affecting the consumers on health grounds. Jagruthi promotes Azolla cultivation methodology for alternate feed for their livestock. A few other options like constructing a Bio-gas plant, Vermi and heap compost units and creating awareness on NPM activities.

The Members of JAGRUTHI are mainly women with family businesses. They are in regular need of finances to run or expand their businesses.

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