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Rural Development

The primary objective of Jagruthi is rural development. 

We understand this objective is going to take time. It is to be noted that Jagruthi has been successfully instrumental so far in alleviating the poor from the clutches of unemployment. This was possible because Jagruthi created a social and economic infrastructure that provisions for the rural unemployed to be trained as per their capacities. For example, the marginal farmers and labourers were trained in artisanship that discouraged seasonal and permanent migration. 

Rural Development is a process, a collective process in fact aimed at improving the well being of people living outside the folds of urbanisation. The concept of JAGRUTHI now encompasses “concerns that go well beyond improvements in personal growth, income from the yields and output from the produce. In rural development, one of the main concerns is to assess the degree of changes in the quality of life, defined broadly to include improvement in health and nutrition, education, environmentally safe living standards, and managing gender inequalities. However, the rural areas need to maintain its agricultural character. Therefore, the objective of the rural development programme remains to raise the economic and social status of its people without having them brought into the folds of urbanisation. 

The Members of JAGRUTHI are mainly women with family businesses. They are in regular need of finances to run or expand their businesses.

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