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UN Women Training Programee

The gender training program was conducted on 6th & 7th of July to discuss about the opportunities and capabilities of gender at Extension Training Centre Samalkot of East Godavari Dist.  The Training Program was went on participatory method and more on Demonstration Method.    During the training program, the total issues of the women and constraints are facing by the female community,  to exercise their rights were prescribed in our Constitution were well articulated in the training program.     

The training program was travelled from Ancient to till date , how the women has screwed  in the kitchen though she is capable enough to encounter any issues of her personal and society.  Every point of the training program was detailed through demonstration by emerging  all trainees.  

The six staff members (4 female + 2 Male ) of JAGRUTHI were participated in the training program.  After returning from the training program, the staff members were given training in puts  to other staff members of the organization what they grasped in the training program.     

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